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People Idioms

List of idiomas related to people. A list of idioms in alphabetical order can be found following this link Idioms - alphabetical order

Portmanteau words

Portmanteau words are made from blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two other words. Portmanteau words adopt the meanings of both words.

Present Perfect and Past Simple

This is a difficult grammar point for Spanish speakers because we think that present perfect is a kind of past in Spanish (we called it pretérito perfecto simple). Let's see the main differences between these two tenses:


A concessive clause is a clause which expresses an idea that suggests the opposite of the main part of the sentence.

Verbs Followed by Infinitive or -ING form

There are not many rules to say which verb goes with infinitive or -ING form.

In general, we have these three big groups:

    • Verbs indicating likes and dislikes go with -ING form: like, love, hate, don't mind, fancy, feel like, can't stand...
    • /ul


The general characteristic of English questions is the use of an auxiliary verb in the inversion at the beginning of the sentence. Let's see how this auxiliary works depending on the type of question you're using: