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Interesting recipe website

I want to share the link to a website that I find interesting. It is a website with cooking recipes that, in addition to very appetizing recipes, has the particularity of having the recipes in Spanish and English.

Here you have the link: decocinasytacones.com

Medical English pronunciation

Here you have some videos explaining the right pronunciation for medical terms.

New resource

I've just added a new resource, Grammica , to Correctores section. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant software. It provides grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, as well as plagiarism detection with a lot of other text tools available for free.

I hope it would be useful for you.

Military vocabulary

When we read the news, we can find articles related to armed conflicts or military actions which have a specific vocabulary that we are not familiar with.This list compiles some terms that appear in these articles.

Idioms - alphabetical order

List of idioms in alphabetical order. You can see a list of idioms by topic following this link Idioms by topic

Work Idioms

Bottom line: conclusion.

The bottom line is if we can't deliver the product on schedule, the costumer won't renew their contract.