-ate suffix pronunciation

The pronunciation of -ate suffix changes depending on what word contains it.

Remember vs remind

These 2 verbs are very similar meaning. Remember is related to memories or not to forget something, remind is referred to making someone remember something.

Lose vs Miss

We lose:
  • Objects.
    I lost my keys.
  • Sport games.
    The team lost the match.
  • Something we have .
    He lost his passport and had to get a new one at the embassy.
  • Time.
    We lost a lot of time when the computer system went down.

Linking words I

To give examples

For instance/ For example, by running, swimming or jogging three times a week

Linking words

To state personal opinion

In my opinion, In my view, To my mind, (Personally) I believe that, I feel (very) strongly that that, It seems to me that, I think that 


Seem / appear
  • We often use seem and appear to give information without stating that we definitely know it is true.