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Fun vs funny

Fun is used to describe something that you enjoy doing.

It is fun to play football / I have fun when I learn English

Funny: funny is normally used to talk about things that make you laugh 

Linking words I

To give examples

For instance/ For example, by running, swimming or jogging three times a week

Linking words

To state personal opinion

In my opinion, In my view, To my mind, (Personally) I believe that, I feel (very) strongly that that, It seems to me that, I think that 


Seem / appear
  • We often use seem and appear to give information without stating that we definitely know it is true.

Used to vs Would

Would can be used to talk about past habits.

My grand father would come home from work, he would sit by the fire and drink a cup of tea

Vocabulary for reviews

Useful vocabulary for reviews.