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Reglas para añadir -ing

El sufijo -ing lo utilizamos para formar gerundios, estos se utilizan después de preposición y  para formar los tiempos continuos: presente continuo, pasado continuo, futuro continuo ...

Might as Well / May as Well

Meaning: If you "might as well do something" or "may as well do something", it means there are no reasons not to do it (also when one makes a suggestion that one is not entirely enthusiastic about)

-some suffix

  • Characterized by tending to : awesome, tiresome
  • Indicating a group of a specified number of members: threesome

Relative clauses

Relative clauses help to connect two separate ideas which might be expressed in two separate sentences.

How to avoid repeating some common words

There are some words that are frequently used, and sometimes we realize that we have written them several times in our documents.

Showing possesion in English

There are three ways of showing possession in English:

  1. The apostrophe