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Kind of schools in the UK

Private schools: they charge fees and don't follow the national curriculum. They are inspected regularly.

Voluntary Aided Schools: state-funded school in which a trust contributes to the building costs and has influence in the running of the school.

Writing Advanced Transitions

*Thereby : así de este modo

Robert sabotaged the project. thereby ensuring it would fail

Inversion after negative or restrictive adverbials

When we want to emphasize an event because it is new or weird we can use negative or restrictive adverbials followed by inverted word order: negative / restrictive adverbial + auxiliary + subject + verb


In formal English, especially in writing, we sometimes change the normal order to make the sentence more emphatic. This structure is common with negative adverbial expressions such as not only, not until, never, no sooner.

Economic vs Economical

Economic: Any thing related to economy, trade, industry or money

The economic forecast for next year is not good.

Pronunciación -ed en pasado de verbos regulares

La -ed final del pasado de los verbos regulares tiene tres posibles pronunciaciones. Una vez conocidas las reglas es sencillo saber la pronunciación correcta.