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Cleft sentences

“Cleft” means divided. Cleft sentences can be used to emphasize a particular part of a sentence. In a cleft sentence, one element of the sentence is shifted from its normal place in the sentence into a separate clause. The emphasis in the sentence changes in a cleft sentence, depending on what is shifted.

Idioms by topic

List of idioms by topic. You can see a complete list of idioms in alphabetical order in this link. Idioms - alphabetical order

Expressions with be to talk about the future

be + full infinitive

We use be + to + infinitive in formal language for arrangements. This expression is often used by journalists.

Body parts - Idioms

List of some idioms related to some parts of the body. A list of idioms in alphabetical order can be found following this link Idioms - alphabetical order

Commonly Confused Words

Here you have a list with some commonly confused words:

Sports idioms at the Olympics

While watching the Olympics we might have heard a lot of idioms being used by both the commentators and by the competitors. Here you have some of them.